Party Keg Hire


Beer is always a nice addition for any event you may have in the works. Our Keg Hire Wales service is a great way of ensuring that you have just the drinks you need for your function to be a success. If you’re hosting a large event, then a few of our 72/88 pint party kegs is a great way to ensure that there’s enough beer.

In our Keg hire Wales service we can also provide you with our easy-to-use Party Pump dispenser, which has been specifically designed to be of use in situations whereby you may not have the electricity or other resources available for the full set-up of a cooler and gas tank in addition to the keg itself. This means that we can provide you with the perfect beer even in situations where you may not originally think it possible.

Our beers allow you and your guests to enjoy pub-quality drinks at the perfectly temperature with a great head on it as you have them served with ease (either by yourself, hired staff or anyone else). After setting up, simply pull the lever to fully open the tap, pouring the beer into a glass at a roughly 45 degree angle, slowly turning the glass back up when approaching the end of the sequence, this should grant a perfect beer for you to enjoy with your friends and family.

We have a variety of different beers in our Keg Hire Wales service, allowing you to pick those that best suit your intentions for the event and making sure that you can make a varied choice based on the volumes of these beers; as well as any preferred taste you may have. Included in the options we have available are pub favourites such as Fosters and Heineken, as well as many more.

If our Keg Hire Wales service interests you, get in touch and we’d be glad to help out!