Party Keg Hire

Dispensing Equipment

Have you ever wanted to throw a party at home? But haven’t for fear that you couldn’t supply you and your friends with enough drinks or draught beer? Party Keg Hire is here to ensure this is never a problem for you again! We offer new and innovative draught beer dispensers and chillers for the small to medium size party market!

Dispensing Equipment

Hand Pump System Hire

One method of draught beer dispensing is Party Keg Hire’s hand pump system. This unit is simply a tap that connects straight onto the keg. It is then pumped using the professional system and then poured through an aesthetically pleasing tap! The partypump uses air instead of gas for a cost effective, user friendly way of dispensing beer. Although due to using air the keg will need to be used in 2-3 days. Rather than hiring out an expensive cooler, simply place your keg in a bucket of ice. Then keep it topped up throughout the event for the best taste experience.

Draught Beer Chiller Hire

Party Keg Hire can also supply draught beer chillers to events around the country. Whether it be a house party, BBQ, student gathering or birthday! This unit simply connects to the keg, uses air pressure to pump the beer into the unit where it is then cooled to the correct temperature to serve. Party Keg Hire advise that the keg is also kept in ice as the beer is only being chilled once it is in the machine but will already be chilled before it reaches the machine if placed in ice.

For the perfect pouring experience, ensure your keg is in ice (if you are using the draught beer chiller dispenser ensure it is set to the lowest temperature), allow for time to cool, tilt the glass to a 45 degree angle and pour. The perfect amount of head on any pint should be around 1 and a half inches.

For more information on Party Keg Hire’s Draught Beer Dispenser and Chiller, please get in touch with our team.