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Blade Beer Machine

Enjoy the cold, crisp and refreshing taste of either Heineken or Birra Moretti dispensed straight from the BLADE machine. The compatible 8L kegs are great for any occasion including smaller parties where a full sized keg may be too large. Each blade machine keg holds approximately 14 pints of your favourite beer!

Blade Beer Machine

Why Hire Our Blade Beer Bundle?

The BLADE machine is not only easy to use and install but it also guarantees a premium experience. Blade machines allow you to pour premium pub-style pints on your keg machine for your friends whilst watching football, having a barbecue or simply a small get-together at home.

Blade serves beer from the keg machine that will stay fresh for 30 days at 2° celsius without even needing any gas or CO2! All that you need is a counter and a regular plug socket, then you are able to plug and pour with ease.

The small 8 litre kegs that are used with the Blade machine are completely hassle-free and don’t require any mess or fuss like your large traditional kegs. There are two options available, either Heineken or Birra Morretti blade kegs.

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