Keg Hire Prices
Below is a list of prices for our kegs for hire as well as our dispensing equipment. If there is a keg which you would like but it is not listed below, please contact our office for further details.

Please be sure to follow the simple steps to ensure you get the correct product, dispensing equipment and delivery for your required Keg.

List of prices for our kegs
Important Information: No sale and/or return of kegs under any circumstance(s)

Delivery dates (London and surrounding areas): Delivery for the Blade Bundles or kegs will be on Wednesdays between 9am-5pm. This is only for the following postcodes (subject to availability)- WC, W, SW, SE, NW, N, EC, E, BR, CR, DA.

Craft Beer
Ale/Stout (9 gallon cask/72 pints)
20 Litre Kegs
***Brewlock kegs used with David Unit
Dispensing Equipment
Delivery and Collection Charges

UK Mail Parcel Courier

Dispenser only
Delivery & Collection from
30 + vat

Pallet Courier

Keg and dispenser
Delivery & collection from
95 + vat

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Location – Kent

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  1. Orchard Pig Reveller Keg Hire – A juicy Somerset cider perfect for the summer months with friends and family…..
  2. Meantime Yakima Red Keg Hire – Using British and German malts alongside 5 US hop varieties Yakima Red is a beer to be savoured…..
  3. Leffe Blonde Keg Hire – A world famous Belgian Abbey Beer now available from Party Keg Hire…..
  4. Hoegaarden Keg Hire – This flavoursome Belgian With Beer is available for draught so order today…..
  5. John Smiths Keg Hire | Extra Smooth Bitter Kegs – The great taste of the worlds best selling bitter on draught at your next event or function…..
  6. Cobra Keg Hire – Party Keg Hire – The refreshing smooth Cobra Beer on tap throughout the country…..
  7. Staropramen Keg Hire – Premium Czech lager on tap at your next function…..
  8. Stella Artois Black Keg Hire – Stella Artois’ newest variety Black is a premium lager brewed with Noble Saaz hops for the highest quality finish…..
  9. Pilsner Urquell Keg Hire – The beer that started the trend is now available in party kegs…..
  10. Coors Light Keg Hire – The ice cold refreshment of a Coors Light on draught…..
  11. Budweiser Budvar Keg Hire – A premium Czech Pilsner on draught in a venue of your choice…..
  12. Keg Pump Sale UK | Party Pump Purchase – Party pumps available with a range of fittings for a variety of kegs…..
  13. Draught Beer Chiller – Keg Tap Hire UK – An easily portable and compact draught beer dispenser from Party Keg Hire…..
  14. Pimms Keg Hire – Enjoy the refreshing taste of this summer cooler…..
  15. Guinness Keg Hire – The worlds most famous stout is now available on draught through our Guinness keg rental services…..
  16. Stella Artois Keg Hire – Using the finest hops and malt Stella Artois keg hire is the perfect way to pour a quality pint…..
  17. Asahi Keg Hire – This premium dry beer from Japan will keep the party going all night…..
  18. Portobello London Pilsner Keg Hire – Enjoy one of the best crafted pilsners on the market on draught through our keg hire…..
  19. Hop House 13 Keg Hire – Bringing you the finest craft beer from Guinness in keg form…..
  20. Guinness Surger Hire – Bringing you draught Guinness without the need of an expensive keg…..
  21. Ice Core Drinks Dispenser – Transform your average canned and bottled drinks into refreshingly crisp draught beer…..
  22. Single Hose Party Pump Hire – Bringing the best of draught beer to any venue throughout the UK without need of electricity…..
  23. Multi Hose Party Pump Hire – Multi tap beer dispenser which requires no electricty or gas at a low price…..
  24. Guinness Keg Hire – If you are hosting an Irish event you can now treat your guests to pints of stout with our Guinness Keg Hire…..
  25. Meantime London Pale Ale Keg Hire – A brilliant Pale Ale from Meantime Brewery based in Greenwich, enjoy this from any venue throughout the UK…..
  26. Meantime London Lager Keg Hire – Bring this traditional London Lager to your event with its world class East Anglian barley and Kentish Hops…..
  27. Ale Hand Pump – Our Ale Hand Pump is the perfect way to dispense from our ale casks….
  28. Caveman Neanderthal Cask Hire – Enjoy this best bitter with friends and family courtesy of the Kent based Cavemna Brewery…..
  29. Caveman Citra Cask Hire – A well finished, fruity India Pale Ale from Caveman Brewery available for hire…..
  30. Greene King IPA Keg Hire – Bring your event to life with our bespoke Greene King IPA Keg Hire service…..
  31. Old Speckled Hen Cask Rental – Our Old Speckled Hen Cask Rental service is the best way to experience this ale on draught….
  32. Strongbow Keg Hire – Our Strongbow Keg Hire is the ideal way to experience Strongbow for your events….
  33. Lowenbrau Keg Hire – Ensure the highest quality of event with our Lownbrau Keg Hire..
  34. Beck’s Vier Party Keg Hire – Our Beck’s Vier Party Keg Hire service is sure to give your function that finishing touch you’re looking for..
  35. San Miguel Keg Hire – Come and have a look at the Party Keg Hire service perfect for fans of San Miguel….
  36. Amstel Keg Rental – We are pleased to present our customers with our Amstel Keg Hire service….
  37. How Do I Set Up A Party Pump – Setting up a Party Pump is a very simple process…..
  38. Party Pump Hire – Serve your friends draught beer throughout your event…..
  39. Carling Event Keg Hire – The UK’s best selling lager on draught at your event…..
  40. Peroni Keg Rental – Enjoy a perfectly poured premium Peroni at anytime…..
  41. Keg And Tap Hire UK – Beer keg dispenser that will not break the bank…..
  42. Beer Keg Party Pump Hire – Pour the perfect pint in any location in the UK…..
  43. Party Keg Tap Rental – Simplicity is the key to our Party Keg Tap Rental…..