Christmas Kronenbourg Deal


  • £214.99 + VAT – Saving of £15 plus VAT
  • 5.5% ABV
  • 11 Gallons/88 Pints


Christmas Kronenbourg Deal

Our Christmas Kronenbourg Deal consists of an 11 Gallon/88 Pint keg of Kronenbourg and our portable Draught Beer Chiller.

Our Kronenbourg Keg Hire is the perfect way to enjoy your own batch of this pub favourite beer. Kronenbourg 1664 is a 5.5% ABV Pale Lager originally brewed in 1952. It has become a favourite beer of many a fan of beer. While Kronenbourg 1664 is over 60 years of age, the company itself – made in 1664 – is over 350 years old.

In addition, Kronenbourg 1664 has become one of the most loved brands of beer in the UK. Our Kronenbourg Keg Hire is perfect for ensuring that you have access to this delightful beer at practically any function! Whether camping, at university, arranging a small get-together at home or some other form of social event – our Kronenbourg Keg Hire service is the very best way to ensure the highest quality of Kronenbourg beer is available at your fingertips for whenever you need it.

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