Party Keg Hire


Kegs are the perfect addition to any house party or other event in the Oxford area. No matter whether it’s a birthday, wedding or anniversary; you can work with our Keg Hire Oxford service. We supply all of the necessary components to complete your event and ensure the most enjoyable of circumstances.

The kegs that we offer come in a variety of different drinks including ciders such as our Strongbow kegs, as well as a great deal of beer kegs including pub favourites Heineken, Peroni and Fosters. The large selection of drinks is great for giving you all the options that you require to make your function the very best that it can be. We understand that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to their favourite beverages. That’s why in our Keg Hire Oxford service we strive to make certain that you have the full choice.

Our Keg Hire Oxford service includes the hire of our Party Pump, which is an easy-to-use and highly versatile dispensing method for use with our kegs. This makes it an extremely useful addition for our service; allowing you to easily setup and dispense our kegs whenever you need them.

Our Keg Hire Oxford service has been and could be useful in a large variety of situations. Having a simple and easy-to-use setup allows our keg to be used in situations where you may not have easy access to electricity. They are also great if you just wish for an easy, no-hassle setup (as we all do). Camping and university hires are just some examples of these situations.

So whatever function you may have in the works in the Oxford area, the hire of our Party Pump dispenser and kegs is the perfect service for you! Our kegs are an easy way to provide you with larger quantities of drink for big events.

If our Keg Hire Oxford service interests you, feel free to get in touch and we’d be glad to help you out.