Party Keg Hire


Kegs are useful for a variety of situations including house parties, group events, corporate circumstances and more. Northampton is yet another location in which we can provide you with our Keg Hire service. This service ensures that you have all the kegs of drink that you need for your function, whatever the situation.

We have a large variety of kegs available for you to choose from including several lager favourites such as Heineken and Peroni. In addition to ciders such as our keg of Strongbow and ales including Hobgoblin and Doom Bar. This collection of kegs ensures that whatever your personal taste in alcohol, we can provide. Our kegs hold 11 gallons and our casks hold 9 gallons of your chosen beverages, allowing us to provide you with drink in stocks that can easily stack up – giving your function enough drink to support your guests.

In our Keg Hire Northampton service we can provide you with our Party Pump along with our keg. On the other hand, we can offer you an ale hand pump if you’re looking to have ales served at your event. Our Party Pumps are compact and simple, meaning that it is a hassle free setup.

There are many different situations whereby our keg and Party Pump/Ale Hand Pump setup would be extremely useful. These dispensers are extremely useful if you have little to no access to electricity and gas for other forms of dispenser. Our Pumps are completely manual and so are great for these situations.

Overall our Keg Hire Northampton service is a great way to add the finishing touches to any form of event. It is certain to ensure that you have the very best of events, complete with all the aspects of a beer keg hire that you need to make your event complete.

If our Keg Hire Northampton service interests you, get in touch and we’d be glad to help you out!