Party Keg Hire


Are you planning for a party of some kind in the Kent area? Possibly a corporate or private function? Or maybe you just want to have a relaxing time with a keg or two of your favourite beverage? Whatever your situation, our Party Keg Hire Kent service is ideal for enabling your party a more complete and enjoyable atmosphere.

Whatever you need to use our Party Keg Hire services for, you can count on us to provide you with an optimal service. This includes our 11 gallon kegs and the hire of our Party Pump, an extremely flexible dispenser for use with our kegs. The compact and simple-to-use design of our Party Pump makes it good for use in almost any situation – from small house parties to corporate events, group activities and camping our Party Pump hire is definitely the way to go for your keg dispensing needs.

Our Party Keg Hire Kent service is the very best way to ensure a very flexible and useful service for your needs. We have a fair few variants of 11 gallon keg, allowing you to choose from our selection of drinks. This includes cider as well as a large number of options for beer including Carlsberg, Fosters and Kronenbourg.

This wide selection of drinks – along with the choices of dispensing equipment – are great for ensuring that our service is extremely versatile and gives you just what you need, as you need it. This gives our Party Keg Hire Kent service a high level of versatility. Thus making it incredibly useful for any situation you might be organising. Whether that’s an upcoming corporate or private event where you will be entertaining guests, or just relaxing at home with a few pints. We can provide you with the kegs you need to have the most enjoyable of events.

If our Party Keg Hire Kent service interests you, get in touch and we’d be glad to help you out.