Party Keg Hire


Essex is one of the central areas of the country, and as such a great deal of events are sure to be planned in the near future – including larger, more organised events as well as little-planned stress-free gatherings where you can just relax with your friends and a couple of pints.

Whatever you have in mind for your upcoming event we can provide you with not only some kegs full of some of the world’s favourite beers, but also a practical dispensing system that you can use to have the drinks poured out in the most efficient, easy and stylish way possible.

Included among our collection of kegs are a fair few brands. This allows you the flexibility of choosing the beverage that best suits you and your event. This can be anywhere from popular beer brands such as Peroni, Fosters & Heineken to Strongbow cider.

To dispense these kegs we have the hire of our Party Pump. This is a neat & simple-to-use device that is clamped top the top of the keg and pumped to pressurise. Having relatively little in the way of components, our Party Pump makes for an extremely versatile option for you, being an option in practically any situation. Our Party Pump hire is the perfect way to enjoy your kegs without the struggle of using complex equipment.