Ice Core Drinks Dispenser

The Ice Core Drinks Dispenser allows the user to have and serve drinks that are cooled to perfection. As the ice core is a separate part, the ice that you fill it with will not melt and mix with your beverage.

The Ice Core Drinks Dispenser includes measurement increments on the front of the jug with the maximum amount that the dispenser can hold being 4 litres of your favourite beverage. The dispenser is also accompanied with a tap where you are able to pour out the liquid into any container that can fit under the nozzle. There is also a drip tray under the tap, which is useful in catching small spills and drips.

The Ice Core Drinks Dispenser liquid containment unit has a removable lid. This means better access when filling it up with your choice of drink. There is also a small removable section for the ice holding core, so that replacing the ice is easier. This also removes the inconvenience of removing the whole lid when changing the ice.

The Ice Core Drinks Dispenser is a magnificent item to have at any type of event or occasion. Whether it be a birthday party, corporate event, anniversary celebration, wedding reception or a small gathering with a few friends, it is a great way of dispensing cooled drinks for guests and yourself. It is an excellent option for those that may be on a budget for their choice of dispensing equipment. Furthermore, it is also convenient for those in need of dispensing equipment but have no access to any plug sockets or electricity.

For any questions on the Ice Core Drinks Dispenser, contact a member of our sales team.