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Plastic Ale Tap

£ £ / 1-4 days
£ / 1-4 days
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£ £ Buy Option Available
  • Material: plastic


Plastic Ale Tap

Ale is and has been for many years a quintessential English drink which is seen as a brew with full body as it is unpasteurised and unfiltered to lock in all of those flavours! Real Ale is the terms derived by CAMRA to describe a beer which is brewed with traditional ingredients and with yeast being left in the beer once it is put in the cask to allow for secondary fermentation. To celebrate this fine beer, Party Keg Hire offer a range of cask ales with our cheapest dispensing unit to date – Plastic Ale Tap Hire!
Ale Casks

From Hobgoblin to Doom Bar; from Best Bitter to IPA, here at Party Keg Hire we have ale casks to suit all tastes and budgets. Some of our favourites include Greene King IPA, a 3.8% ABV session beer as well as Caveman Citra – a 4.1% ABV hoppy pale ale which take advantage of the great taste and aroma of the US Citra hops. All of our casks are 9 litres and hold 72 pints of refreshing ale dispensed through our easy to use, great serving plastic ale tap hire.

Our Plastic Ale Tap Hire is simple to use – simply mallet in the spile into the top hole when the cask is laid down (the shive) and then mallet the plastic ale tap into the keystone (hole on the side of the cask when laid down), leave it for 24-48 hours to allow the yeast to settle and then pour! The simple nature of the kit means anyone can have the great taste of cask-conditioned ale in the comfort of their own home or local function hall!

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