Party Keg Hire


Heineken 8L Keg is one of the primary areas in England. It contains lots of people, each with their own planned functions. Our Keg Hire Heineken 8L Keg service ensures that your event provides the very best experience for everyone. We provide our easy-to-use Party Pump dispensers as well as our 11 gallon kegs. The range includes several different variants of drink including ciders such as our Strongbow keg in addition to beers (which we have many options for) such as Heineken, Fosters as well as Peroni. Our Party Pump dispensers are a great way to ensure that your event is fully catered for in the drinks department.

Our Keg Hire Heineken 8L Keg service is perfect for a variety of different situations. Keg Hire brings that extra touch of quality and ease. There are many situations in where our Party Pump and keg hire can come in useful. Some popular situations include camping or university hire. Thus allowing you to access this quality dispenser without complex equipment.

The size and quantity of drink held in our kegs is perfect for allowing the provisioning at small house parties. In addition to larger events whereby the number of kegs would be increased. Our kegs make it quick and easy to add up the numbers. The 11 gallon kegs we stock are perfectly sized for any situation.

If our Keg Hire Heineken 8L Keg service interests you, get in touch today.