Carling Event Keg Hire

Carling is known as the UK’s best selling lager and has the attributes of refreshment and taste to support this! Thomas Carling, the founder of Carling, moved to East Canada in 1818 and began brewing ale which became very popular. Due to the success of this ale, Thomas Carling began brewing full time. Therefore he started to sell Carling on the streets of London, Ontario from a wheel barrow. In 1840, Carling set up a small brewery in London which was later made redundant. This was due to his sons building a six story brewery – also in London! UK sales in 1999 were one billion pints which rose to 24.9 billion pints worldwide in 2011. That is why Party Keg Hire stock and supply 4% ABV Carling Keg Hire for events throughout the UK.

Whether you are having a BBQ, birthday party, house party, stag night or prom party you cannot go wrong with one of the UK’s most refreshing and tasteful beers. To dispense our Carling Keg Hire, Party Keg Hire has a simple to use party pump and keg connecter! The piece of equipment keeps cost down for those on a budget as it can be easily collected or sent via a courier service rather than one of our members of staff delivering and setting up. Due to the hand pump, no gas cylinders are involved in the set up of so the hand pump simply clamps onto the keg – but ensure that the keg is in a bucket full of ice and allowed time to cool before clamping the tap on and pouring your pints of Carling.

Your guests will want nothing more on a summers day or a winters night than to feel like a bartender and pull their very own pint! The refreshing taste of draught beer at home will keep them coming back for more and more!

For more information, please contact a member of Party Keg Hire about Carling event keg hire services.