Party Keg Hire


Camping is a popular past time and interest for many people up and down the UK. There is an ever increasing demand for camp sites, camper van and generally camping equipment. Therefore it’s now possible to have a draft beer system for your very own keg of lager and cider as well as bitter. With a vast range of products available on draft and available in two different sizes there are kegs suitable for a camping party. Otherwise it’s simply perfect for a person who enjoys beer on tap.

Party Keg Hire can offer campers a draft beer hand pump which operates without any gas or electricity etc. The kegs of lager or bitter can be bought either from us or from your own local supplier. We post you out the draft beer hand pump to your home address prior to you setting off on your camping trip. You can either keep the keg in a cool place or the preffered option is to place the keg into a tub/bin full of ice and cold water. This will then cool the kegs to which you attach the hand pump. You can then simply pump air into the keg and pour your pint. The beauty of this equipment is that it’s very simple to use and can be used anywhere. It doesn’t require power or gas meaning that providing the keg is cold – your have the perfect pint everytime. Anyone can pick up some cans or bottles from the supermarket on the way to the campsite! Why not be different?

Camping Beer

The average size of keg is approx. 11 gal which is approx 88 pints. However there are smaller sized kegs available on the market which will mean that you don’t have to drink quite as much. Having looked into the Camping sector, it has been bought to our attention that often people go on Camping Trips in groups of a joint family break etc. This can mean that a keg of lager may be drank a lot quicker than on your own!

If you need additional information on our Camping Beer Equipment, please contact a member of our customer services team.