Draught Beer Chiller

  • Energy Consumption: 230 Watt
  • Weight: 15kg

Serving beer at an event is standard – whether hosting a BBQ, house party, birthday, wedding or corporate function, beer is the go-to drink for many attendees. Whilst bottled beer is a good option, it is not always the most practical or flavoursome. As well as taking up a large amount of room in the fridge, light exposure in bottles can create a ‘skunky’, off flavour beer which will not provide guests with the best experience possible. Therefore, Party Keg Hire offer our Draught Beer Chiller for hire throughout the UK.

Providing party goers with draught beer in any venue will not only offer them a unique experience. It will also ensure they are tasting beer which has not been exposed to damaging light. Our Draught Beer Chiller is a compact keg tap which comes with its own inbuilt cooling system and air pressuriser. This unit takes less space then a conventional draught beer dispenser and can be easily transported from venue to venue.

The Draught Beer Chiller can work with a keg sourced by yourself or hired from us. Whether a fan of lager, pale ale, porter or wheat beer, friends and family can enjoy fresh pint after fresh pint as opposed to warm bottles!

To pour the perfect beer every time with the Draught Beer Chiller, set the dispenser to the recommended temperature for the beer style, tilt the glass to a 45-degree angle and open the tap faucet fully. As the glass fills, slowly raise it to leave around 2cm of aroma filled frothy head!

For more information on the Draught Beer Chiller, please contact a member of our customer service team today.