Party Keg Tap Rental

Summer is a great time of year for parties! But it is not the only time of year; why limit the party season to one time of the year? Party Keg Hire strongly believes in the power of parties bringing people together all year round. The checklist for parties such as house parties, birthday parties and graduation parties is huge! From which music to play, which guests to invite, location and which drinks to serve. Party Keg Hire want to make your list that extra bit smaller with our easy to use and cost effective party keg tap rental!

Party organisers all seem to fall into the trap of purchasing bottled drinks that take up the whole venue as so many have to be bought. Bottled beer also decreases the flavours that reach your palate which lowers the taste experience and sometimes lowers your guest’s experience. That is why Party Keg Hire are pleased to offer our innovative keg pump and tap system for use throughout the UK which ensures cheap and tasteful draught beer for everyone. Whether you have bought a keg elsewhere or wish to purchase a keg from Party Keg Hire, it doesn’t matter as all of the fittings will be supplied by Party Keg Hire for the make/brand that is being used – Our keg hire includes Magners keg hire, Grolsch keg hire, Carling keg hire, Carlsberg keg hire, Peroni keg hire, Strongbow keg hire, Guinness keg hire, Stella keg hire and lots more.

The keg tap and pump work by using air rather than CO2 and will need to be cooled with lots of ice rather than hiring an expensive cooler. All of these aspects keep the cost down as the pump is all that is needed, not a CO2 canister, a cooler and one of our engineers to set it up. That makes it the perfect way of making the most of your keg on a budget!

With Party Keg Hire’s keg hire your guests will never go thirsty as out 11 gallon kegs hold approximately 88 pints each and the perfect pint can be poured every time with the professional and easy to use pump and tap. For the crisp, refreshing taste of a perfect pint, place the keg into a large bucket and fill it completely with ice and allow to cool to the correct 3-4 degrees. When pouring a pint, always ensure the tap is fully open to allow the beer to flow properly into the glass.

For more information on Party Keg Hire’s party keg tap rental on its own or with a keg, please contact a member of the sales team.