Keg and Tap Hire UK

Throughout the year, party organisers – from students to entrepreneurs look for a drink to serve that outshines all other types – one that is refreshing, cold and tasteful. This may seem very difficult to find in the quantities that need to be satisfied at parties such as barbeques, house parties, summer fetes and graduation parties. However, Party Keg Hire have a solution that will satisfy the needs of everyone… Keg and tap hire throughout the UK.

Many event planners wish for a cheap, standalone keg system to dispense beer for all of their guests – that is exactly what Party Keg Hire’s keg and tap hire achieves. The tap will come with the correct fitting for whichever keg you have – from us or another company, as Party Keg Hire have the correct couplers for the major brewers such as SABMiller, Molson Coors and InBev. So whether you are looking for Carling keg hire, Grolsch keg hire, Worthingtons keg hire, Guinness keg hire, Carlsberg keg hire, Peroni keg hire, Stella keg hire or any other keg hire service, Party Keg Hire will be pleased to help. The tap comes with a hand pump and professional tap which brings the feel of the pub to any venue throughout the UK.

Once the tap and/or keg arrives, place the keg into a large container and fill completely with ice and leave to cool – this ensures that when the beer is poured it is at the optimum temperature. Once the keg is cooled, clamp the tap onto the keg and run the tap to allow the first few pints of run off to clear, and then begin to pump the handle and pour for your perfect beer. With each keg from Party Keg Hire holding approximately 88 pints, your guests will never go thirsty, and with a great selection of beers to choose from they will not be disappointed.

Due to no potential dangers of transporting CO2 canisters as this system just uses air through the hand pump, our kegs and keg tap can be transported via a courier service rather than one of our engineers delivering it and setting it up. This keeps cost down or alternatively the goods could be collected from our warehouse.

For more information on our keg tap hire, contact a member of our sales team.