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MDDU Manual

Note: The MDDU will arrive secured on a pallet. Please do not throw away any packaging materials as they may be required when you secure the MDDU on a pallet to send back.

To move the MDDU, make sure to unlock the wheels. When lifting on and off the pallet, hold from the bottom and not the top.

Step 1 - Setting Up the MDDU

  1. On the cooler, remove the black lid cover and top it up with water. Stop when the water reaches the top of the silver coils inside. Plug the cooler in.
  2. Place your keg(s) within the MDDU and connect the coupler fitting to the top and clamp down.
  3. Turn on the gas cylinder. (It only needs to be turned on whilst the MDDU is being used)
  4. Put the drip trays under the taps.
  5. Pour through some beer to make sure that beer is coming out. (Make sure to have the gas and cooler turned on.) It will sputter at start
  6. If the flow of beer is too weak or too strong, you can use the flow control dial on the side of the taps.
  7. The cooler would need a minimum of 90 minutes to cool down to the correct temperature.

Step 2 - Returning the MDDU

  1. Turn off the gas and detach the couplers from the kegs
  2. Turn off the gas

If you need further assistance, please contact our team.