Party Keg Hire


Around the world people are looking to arrange the very best events of varying sizes and purposes. Those in Scotland are no different! Are you looking to plan an event? Do you need the hire of some professional and practical kegs and dispensing methods? Then our Keg Hire Scotland service is the very best way to ensure that your function is well equipped with all the necessities for your drinks.

Used often with our Keg Hire Scotland service, our Party Pump is an extremely practical dispensing option. It is ‘useable’ in basically any circumstance as opposed to alternatives. Simply ensure that the keg is kept cool and clamp the Party Pump to the top of the keg.Then pump to pressurise. The Party Pump is a highly versatile option. The simple and compact design being the perfect way to ensure that you have access to a brilliant dispensing method.

We stock kegs of 11 gallons and casks of 9 gallons which hold several different varieties of drink. This allows you to choose the beverage that best compliments you and your function. Included among the drinks we have for you to select from are pub-favourite lagers such as Heineken and Fosters as well as ciders such as the well-known brand Strongbow and ales including Hobgoblin and Old Speckled Hen.

There are a variety of situations in which this setup would be extremely useful, including situations such as camping. This may mean that you don’t have access to electricity. On the other hand, another situation may be in university where you’re hoping for a very easy setup for an event with a couple of friends. The practical design of this setup makes the Party Pump, along with our kegs, one of our highest requested services.

Due to the extremely simple and practical design of our party pump, we are perfectly able to send it practically anywhere. We can also send it with a few of our kegs. Consequently this means that even in Scotland we can provide you with just the kegs that you need for the finest of events.

If you’re interested in our Keg Hire Scotland service, get in touch today.