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Plastic Ale Tap

Tapping a Cask

Tapping a barrel can get a bit messy so please tap in an area that can get wet
  • Place the cask on a sturdy table or counter (in the area you will be looking to serve as the cask will need to settle for 24-48 hours), and wedge the cask either side to prevent it rolling. The keystone (the small bung) should be facing you, and the shive (the larger bung) should be facing upwards.
  • Place the tapered end of the spile (peg) against the centre of the shive. Hit with a mallet or hammer until it breaks the seal and fits snuggly (a small amount of beer may escape and you may hear a short hiss from the gas releasing).
  • To tap the barrel. Place the tapered end of the tap over the centre of the keystone, with the spout facing down. Ensuring the tap is closed, strongly hit the tap with a rubber/wooden mallet until it is securely sealed into the barrel. (If you don’t have a mallet use a hammer with a piece of wood between). Open the tap slightly to release about % pint reducing pressure in the barrel.
  • Keep the spile in the shive to protect the beer from any foreign invaders, bugs etc... Pull out the spile when you wish to pour the beer.
Once this has been done, pour, drink and enjoy - do not forget to leave cask set in position for a minimum of 24 hours.
PLEASE NOTE: If the cask is moved on the day of use it may result in the beer being cloudy rather than clear. This applies to non-bright beers only.
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