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Party Pump Set Up Manual

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Please follow the step by step instructions below.

Step 1 - Cooling Your Keg

To connect your keg to your beer keg dispenser, simply place the coupler attached to the machine onto the top of the keg and clamp down into place. The machine should not be plugged in at this point.

NOTE: Do not lean over the keg at any time whilst clamping your coupler in.
Beer Keg Cooling Down

Step 2 - Tapping Your Keg

Place the coupler (bottom of the party pump) into the fitting on the keg shown and twist so the party pump is locked into place. If your keg coupler does not require you to twist but requires you to slide on, then simply slide on and clamp down. Once the party pump is locked into place, push the lever down to clamp the party pump into your keg.

NOTE: Do not lean over the keg or pump at any time whilst clamping your party pump in.
Top of the keg

Step 3 - Let the Flow be Diminish

When initially pouring from the keg it will be under pressure and dispense fast. Make sure the keg is cold and pour off the initial foam and carry on pouring pints until the flow begins to diminish. Only then should you begin to pump to restore the flow. Now, start pulling and enjoying your perfect pint!

Keg and Beer dispenser

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