My beer is coming out frothy!

Possible causes:

● The airflow to the cooler is restricted. Insufficient ventilation, caused either by obstructions near the air vents or ambient temperature of 30 degrees or over can cause the unit to overheat, seriously impending its ability to cool your beer. Make sure the unit is in a fairly open space with adequate airflow.

● The Flow control is too high and needs to be lowered by using the smaller handle on the side of the faucet for the silver unit. For the white unit It would be behind the tap.

● You have left the kegs in the sun. Kegs must be kept in the shade at all times. Kegs left in the sun can overheat, putting strain on the cooler.

● Ensure the glass is tilted to a 45 degree angle at the beginning of the pour and straighten as it fills.

● During hot weather you may have to wait longer in between pouring to allow the beer to cool through the system.

The beer is only coming out in a trickle!

Possible causes:

● The taps flow control is set too low. As stated earlier, adjust the flow control to a speed that suits you.

There’s beer leaking from the keg!

Possible causes:

●Try reconnecting the keg.

●The device connecting the keg to the cooler needs to be attached securely to prevent any leaks.

If you need further assistance, please contact our team.