ale hand pump

Our Ale Hand Pump dispenser is the perfect addition to our Ale Cask Hire services. Sometimes you just need a large quantity of Ale along with the appropriate dispensing method with which to serve the drinks to your guests, and our services are perfect for just that.

The Ale Hand Pump is ‘a simple to set-up and use’ dispenser. Simply feed the line into the cask and start pulling your pints of Ale! The Ale Hand pump incorporates a creamer into the design. This ensures that the Ale is given the quality of dispensing that it deserves – making certain of the best possible experience for your event.

Due to the simple and innovative design used by the Ale Hand Pump, the dispenser is the perfect option for a multitude of situations whereby you may not have access to some of the supplies needed for other, more complex dispensers. For example this design could be a great way to serve Ale while camping or at a university party! Thus allowing you a simple and effective way to serve the best pint of Ale whatever your situation.

The design of the ale Hand Pump also means that it can be sent long distances! This allows our Ale Hand Pump service to reach across the UK with ease. This helps those with a need for a drink in England, Scotland, Wales AND Northern Ireland.

Visually the pump is an intriguing design, taking its appearance from the traditional pumps used in pubs. The pump clamps to a surface, helping you to create a pub-type scenario within your event.

Feel free to get in touch with a member of our sales team and we will be glad to help you out.