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Who Are We?

Party Keg Hire was set up by its founders who saw a gap in the market that needed to be filled. Many event organisers are looking for a cheap and cost effective way to dispense draught beer from their homes but cannot seem to find a solution! They’re having to pay large sums of money for a cooler and gas cylinder to dispense their beer from a table with a tap clamped onto it or from an even more expensive option – a mobile bar counter.

Party Keg Hire stock and supply keg party pumps which are the ideal way to get the most out of your keg for the cheapest price. The single unit looks stylish in addition to requiring only a simple set up by the customer. It can be used with or without a beer keg from Party Keg Hire. The party keg pump undoubtedly brings a party to life with its fun nature and the games that go hand in hand with such a unit (i.e. Beer Pong).

The owners of Party Keg Hire have over 25 years experience in the hospitality industry. As well as having a keen eye for detail, we offer a price that won’t break the bank! Party Keg Hire understand that pulling your own pint will certainly leave guests remembering any event for a long time!

Party Keg Hire has been set up to provide clients with an option of being able to dispense draught beers in addition to lagers, ciders and stout’s from within the comfort of their own environment.


Buy A Party Pump | Beer Keg Taps For Sale – Party Keg Hire

– Draught beer in your home or on the move with a party pump…..

Plastic Ale Tap Hire

– Our cheapest and most simple dispensing equipment allows you to enjoy ale anywhere…..

Mini Keg Chiller

– Our Mini Keg Chiller is the ideal cooling and dispensing option for many an event….

Hobgoblin Cask Hire

– Our Hobgoblin Cask Hire service is the perfect addition to any function for fans of this ruby beer….

London Pride Keg Hire

– Our London Pride Keg Hire is the best way to experience this incredible ale in draught..

London Pride Keg Hire

– Our London Pride Keg Hire is the best way to experience this incredible ale in draught..

Doom Bar Keg Hire

– Our Doom Bar Keg Hire is the perfect way to experience this real ale….

Budweiser Party Keg Hire

– Our Budweiser Party Keg Hire service is the ideal way to experience Budweiser for your functions..

Grolsch Party Keg Hire

– Experience Grolsch in the very best way with our ice-cold party kegs and pour the best of pints every time….

Heineken Keg Rental

– Our Heineken Keg Rental service is the best way to ensure a fulfilled event….

Kronenbourg Keg Hire

– We are proud to provide you with our Kronenbourg Keg Hire complete with the use of our Party Pump….

Beer Keg Tap Hire

– Information on Party Keg Hire’s beer keg taps…..

Draught Beer Dispenser And Chiller

 – Pour yourself and your friends a perfect beer…..

Keg Beer Dispensing Equipment

– Perfect draught pints brought to your very home…..

Party Beer Keg

– Party Beer Kegs for hot summer events this year…..

Keg Party Pump Rental

 – Pour your own professional pint of beer with Party Keg Hire…..

Carlsberg Party Keg Hire

– Sip on one of the country’s favourite lagers at any venue…..

Party Keg Pump Hire UK

 – Keep cost low with this forward thinking keg pump and tap…..

Fosters Keg Hire

– Serve you guests a perfect pint of the Amber Nectar…..

All In One Keg Unit

– Add that extra touch of professionalism to your event…..

Magners Party Keg Rental

– Taste the ice cold refreshament of Magners anywhere…..

Meet our Team

 Researchers and Testers

Our researchers and testers look into ways of ensuring that we offer the latest and simplest solutions to dispense party beverages for events.

Sales Team

We ensure you get the correct product for your event. We’ll advise you on what we recommend but the ultimate decision is yours!

Delivery and Collection

Our network of reputable National courier companies will do their up most to ensure that your products are delivered and collected on time – each time!

Tech Support

Our Tech Support are always on hand to help you with any issues regarding the equipment.