Single Hose Party Pump

Party Keg Hire are always looking to provide unique solutions to your draught beer needs which match budget, theme and venue and have a large portfolio of great dispensers. Beer can be dispensed in a variety of different ways with each bringing its own unique traits to the table and showcasing the sheer variety of beers which are currently on the market today. One of our most popular beer dispensers comes in the form  of our Single Hose Party Pump Hire service which will transport you to a warm summers evening on the beaches of the US!

Single Hose Party Pump Hire is the ideal dispense solution for functions which do not have the budget for a full pub style dispenser or do not have access to electricity or gas! This keg tap is simple to set up and can be used to treat your guests to draught beer whether you be in the middle of a field at a festival or in your back garden enjoying some barbeque.

To work our Single Hose Party Pump Hire dispenser, simply place your keg in a large tub with ice and water, clamp the fitting onto your keg, pump with your foot and pour from the tap! The simple nature of the pump does not mean any complexity is lost in your beer – the carbonation, taste and mouthfeel all remain the same as if it had been poured from your local pub. The hose mounted beer keg tap ensures ease of use as the tap can be passed from one beer lover to the next with even a novice being able to pour the perfect pint!

Currently available for use with our Single Hose Party Pump Hire system are nationwide favourites such as Peroni, Meantime London Lager, Fosters, San Miguel, Heineken, Amstel and Meantime Pale Ale.

For more information on our Single Hose Party Pump Hire, please contact a member of our bookings team.

Enjoy a refreshing pint with these simple steps –
1) To make sure you beer is nice and cold, place your keg into a large tub with ice and water.
2) Clamp your single hose party pump onto the fitting on top of the keg.
3) Use the foot pump to pressurise your beer keg.
4) Pick your glass of choice and pour with the beer tap.
5) Enjoy your pint!