Stella Artois


  • £145+VAT
  • 10 gallons/80 Pints


Important Information: No sale and/or return of kegs under any circumstance(s)
Our Stella Artois Keg Hire is compatible with the following dispensers:
  • Party Pump
  • Draught Beer Chiller

Stella Artois is a golden pilsner lager and carries a distinctive taste known throughout the world for its premium quality. It is beautifully balanced, with a prominent hoppy bitterness. This is accompanied by a crisp, clean, refreshing finish that makes it a fully flavoured premium lager. Many lagers are created by the same ingredients, but that does not mean that they are all created as equivalents. The main difference that Stella Artois brings to the table is the ingredient of Saaz Hops. Every Stella Artois batch is brewed with malted barley, maize and water. However, with the addition of Saaz Hops, it makes it unique and stand out from the rest of the competition.

Stella Artois portrays a delicate green hoppy note that blends in with its natural fruity aroma that results from fermentation. The key to brewing Stella Artois is owed to the best ingredients chosen, and Saaz hops are a key factor in making Stella Artois the flavoursome lager it is today. Our Stella Artois Keg Hire will impress your guests and undoubtedly be a unique experience.

Stella Artois Keg Hire would be a great addition to any event. To get the best experience from a Stella Artois keg, chill your keg first by storing it in a keg bucket with ice surrounding it. One of our dispensers is the party pump system. The dispenser is small, compact and easy to use. Gone are the worries of connecting your gas to your keg; with a party pump you simply clamp the tap onto the top of your Grolsch keg, place the keg in a tub with ice and you are ready to go!

For any enquires about our Stella Artois Keg Hire, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our sales team.