Old Speckled Hen


  • £129+VAT
  • 4.5% ABV
  • 9 gallon cask/72 pints


Our Old Speckled Hen Cask Rental is compatible with the following dispensers:

  • Plastic Ale Tap
  • Ale Hand Pull

Created to commemorate 50 years of production from an MG factory in 1979, Old Speckled Hen has become a highly sought-after drink for a variety of situations throughout the UK, and we are more than glad to provide you with our Old Speckled Hen Cask Rental service.

The now-famous brand was originally named after the MG factory workers’ runaround car the ‘Owld Speckled Un’. This was a nickname it had earned through the specks of paint that had been accidentally embellished onto the car. This happened as it passed the paint section of the factory on a regular basis through the years. To this day, the Old Speckled Hen logo features the octagon shape representative of MG’s link to the brand.

Over the years, Old Speckled Hen has become a pub-favourite ale and is in the hearts of many an ale-drinker. To this end we are providing our Old Speckled Hen Cask Hire service for those of our customers who dearly love this beer and would like it provisioned with our easy and effective service.

Our Old Speckled Hen Cask Rental is available with the use of our Ale Hand Pump. This is a versatile dispensing option for our ales which includes a creamer to ensure the highest quality of ale. The Ale Hand Pump is styled after the traditional pumps used in most pubs around the country.

Our ales come in 9 gallon (72 pint) volume casks, allowing you to easily add up the amount of ale at your function and ensure that you have more than enough ale to go round. 9 gallons is also an ideal amount for smaller events such as small house parties or family get-togethers.

So altogether our Old Speckled Hen Cask Rental service is the ideal way to experience this brand of ale. We offer you not only a keg of this delightful draught ale, but also the perfect dispensing method.

If our Old Speckled Hen Cask Rental service interests you, please feel free to get in touch!