Multi Hose Party Pump


  • £49.99+VAT
  • Hire
  • For use with lager and cider kegs


Multi Hose Party Pump

Whether hosting a small event, many often opt for cans of lager which will either take up too much room in the fridge. Which is why a keg with the Multi Hose Party Pump is a much better option.

Offering cold draught beer completely changed a dynamic experience. The unique feel of pouring a pint can be a hit with all involved and our Multi Hose Party Pump Hire is the ideal way of serving large numbers of guests for a low cost.

The Multi Hose Party Pump Hire can be used with a keg from Party Keg Hire or sourced elsewhere., we are pleased to help either way!

The dispenser requires no electricity or gas and is easy to carry.

How do you use it you ask? Place the keg in a tub with ice and water, clamp the pump on to the keg, pressurise using the foot pedal pump and pour from any or all of the 4 dispensing points.

Well known in American films, our Multi Hose Party Pump Hire is perfect for sharing beers with your friends. Our current range of kegs which are available for use with the dispenser are:

  • Carlsberg
  • Fosters
  • Kronenbourg
  • Amstel
  • Heineken
  • Meantime London Lager & Pale Ale
  • and more…

For hiring or questions, kindly contact our team.