Meantime London Lager


  • £188+VAT
  • 4.5% ABV
  • 11 gallons/88 pints


Important Information: No sale and/or return of kegs under any circumstance(s)
The following dispensers are compatible with your Meantime London Lager Keg:
  • Party Pump
  • Draught Beer Chiller

Meantime Brewery is renowned for being one of the forces which originally pushed the craft beer revolution in the UK to what it is today with new breweries springing up throughout the country. The brewery began in 2000 when brewmaster Alastair Hook opened it. It was originally 0-degrees 2′ 12″ east of the Greenwich Meridian before moving to their current site on Blackwall Lane in 2010. One of Alastair’s main goals was to bring back a traditional English lager – and that is why we at Party Keg Hire are proud to offer our Meantime London Lager Keg Hire.

Meantime brewmaster Alastair Hook believed that large European brewers had removed the appreciation of beer from the consumers. Your Meantime London Lager Keg you will contain a blend of the greatest East Anglian malted barley and Kentish Hops. The superior quality of the barley and hops create a long matured, straight forward, traditional lager.

Your Meantime London Lager Keg Hire will be unpasteurised, meaning the keg hasn’t undergone any heating to ‘sterilise’ the beer. Pasteurisation alters flavour and kills off any traces of remaining yeast.

There are two different dispense options for your Meantime London Lager Keg Hire. The first is our party pump which clamp straight onto the top of your London Lager keg. You then pump with your hand to pressurise the keg and finally pour with the tap. This dispense option is perfect for house parties and smaller events – all you have to do is put your keg in a large tub with ice and water!

A traditional dispenser may be the best choice for your Meantime Lager Keg for a larger event. It also may be more beneficial if you’re looking to have more than one keg. You would receive a branded London Lager tap, an inline cooler and gas bottle. This ensures a perfectly poured pint of traditional London Lager!

For more information on our Meantime London Lager Keg Hire, please contact a member of our sales team today.