Magners Dark Fruit


  • £140+VAT
  • 4% ABV
  • 11 gallons/88 pints


Important Information: No sale and/or return of kegs under any circumstance(s)

Magners Dark Fuit is perfect for all occasions! So get the fire going and rent a keg of Magners Dark Fruit from Party Keg Hire! It is easy to use with a draught beer chiller, party pump or full tap set up. Either simply clamp a tap onto your ice covered Magners Dark Fruit keg and pour, or place it into a professional unit with two branded taps on – it is in your hands! Your Magners Dark Fruit Keg comes with approximately 88 pints which will keep your guests going for hours!

No matter what your query about your Magners Dark Fruit Keg Hire, our professional, friendly staff will be more than happy to help – we will talk you through any concerns that you may have. If you opt for our full tap set up which requires a member of staff to set up, we’ll have you up and running in no time. Furthermore they’ll be happy to show you the best technique to pour you and your guests the perfect pint from your Magners Dark Fruit Keg each and every time.

Party Keg Hire currently stock and supply Magners Dark Fruit kegs with an ABV of 4%.

For more information on Party Keg Hire’s Magners Dark Fruit Keg and Equipment Hire, please contact a member of the sales team.

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