Guinness Surger Cans (24)


  • £44 plus VAT
  • 4.1%
  • 520ml per can


Guinness Surger Hire

One of the most well-known beers to grace the Earth, Guinness possess an exquisite aroma of sweet, coffee and malt, that is accompanied by an extraordinary taste that is a balance of bitter and sweet with the mix of malt and roast characters, and the appearance projects a distinctly dark colour with a pure heavenly head. To experience the greatness of Guinness, it is best to draw yourself a draught pint, which leads to a gentle smooth body, creamy white head, and the beautiful sight of it settling. If you are hosting an event that would be serving Guinness than having Draught Guinness is a must have. Sometimes acquiring draught Guinness can become very expensive, but with Beer Hire we are able to offer you the Guinness Surger at a bargain of a price.

The Guinness Surger Cans is able to be used with the Guinness Surger Unit. The Guinness Surger is cleverly shaped like a draught tap, with its own tap installed within the unit. Activating gases to give each perfectly poured pint a beautiful settle, this happens after the plate generates the ultra-sonic waves which mix with the Guinness liquid.

By using Guinness Surger Hire, you are able to pour a perfect pint each time, we are also happy to supply the Surger cans for your event that will come with the Guinness Surger. With draught Guinness, your guests are able to experience its graceful taste at the highest quality of pour, it is a magnificent stout to share and enjoy with friends and family.

For more information on the Guinness Surger Hire, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our sales team today.

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