• £182+VAT
  • 4.1% ABV
  • 11 gallon cask/88 pints


Our Guinness Keg Hire offers you the choice of the following dispensers:
  • Mini Keg Chiller
  • Party Pump

Guinness draught is a 4.2% ABV premium Irish stout which first debuted in 1959. It was developed to celebrate the 200 year anniversary of Arthur Guinness signing the 9,000 year St. James’s gate brewery lease. Here at Party Keg Hire we are proud to bring you this outstanding product which has become known all across the world for its velvety smooth texture and unique bitter sweet flavour with our Guinness Keg Hire service.

This drink has been brewed for at least 57 years with its current recipe but its origins can be traced back around 215 years to 1801. This was when St. James’s gate Brewery first produced a brew called West Indian Porter. Guinness has been as successful as it has because it has perfected its recipe over a 215 year period with its bittersweet characteristics now being attributed to the sweetness of the malt they use perfectly balancing out the bitterness of the hops.

So if you are looking for a refreshing pint of Guinness look no further than our Guinness Keg Hire service! Here at Party Keg Hire, we have the perfect way to get the perfectly chilled Guinness for your event and this is via our mini keg chiller. The mini keg chiller is a versatile piece of equipment that only requires a mains output to both pull and chill the stout automatically as it has a built in all in one chilling system and air pump. This table top dispenser simply connects to the keg via a beer line and coupler fitting. Then just plug the chiller into the mains and you’re ready to pour!

For more information on Party Keg Hire or Guinness Keg Hire, please contact a member of our keg hire department.