• £135+VAT
  • 4% ABV
  • 11 gallons/88 pints


Important Information: No sale and/or return of kegs under any circumstance(s)
Our Fosters Keg Hire is compatible with the following dispensers:
  • Party Pump
  • Draught Beer Chiller

Fosters is a pale lager that began brewing in Australia in 1888 and has grown from strength to strength since. The great tasting lager began being imported into the UK in the 1970s. Known as the Amber Nectar, Fosters is widely regarded as one of the best lagers in the country. Fosters Kegs in the UK currently have an ABV of 4%.

Fosters is the keg hire of choice for many events up and down the UK. Therefore Party Keg Hire are pleased to serve the masses.

Party Keg Hire have two different types of Fosters keg hire dispensing equipment. The first type is a Party Pump which allows for a standalone keg in a bucket of ice and no CO2 cylinders or coolers. The tap simply clamps onto the top of the Fosters keg and uses air to pump beer straight into a pint glass!

The second type of keg tap hire is the Draught Beer Chiller. This is a small box unit with an inbuilt tap and chilling system. Furthermore it uses air to pressurise the keg. Many customers love this dispensing option as it is portable, easy to carry and no gas is required.

For the best possible pint of the Amber Nectar, ensure that when pouring the tap is fully open and the Fosters is pouring out of the faucet well. Make sure that the keg has had time to cool before pouring and allow for around 2-3 pints of foamy head at the beginning of each barrel.

For more information on Fosters Keg Hire, please contact a member of our keg hire department.