Caveman Citra


  • £125+VAT
  • 4.1% ABV
  • 9 gallon cask/72 pints


Our Caveman Citra Casks can be used with the following dispensers:
  • Ale Hand Pump
  • Plastic Ale Tap

Caveman Brewery is a small craft ale provider based in Swanscombe, Kent. Established in 2012, the brewery has been experimenting with a range of great beers including IPAs, porters, bitters and stouts. We can now offer Caveman Citra Cask Hire to ale lovers throughout the UK from one of the country’s best up and coming breweries. Citra was the very first drink brewed by the beer lovers at Caveman. It is a hoppy pale ale with straight forward malt characteristics. This allows the US Citra hops to shine through and give this IPA its signature taste.

Given the name of Caveman you may expect pre-historical brewing methods; but you would be wrong. Caveman Citra Cask Hire uses the latest in brewing technology to bring you a pure and distinctive India Pale Ale. Not being the type to shy away from experimenting, Citra is just one of a great line of cask ales.

Caveman Citra Cask Hire can be dispensed with a traditional style ale pull hand pump which can be attached to any surface. Simply clamp the pump to a sturdy surface and insert the line into the cask. You’re then ready to pour a refreshing pint of Caveman Citra. This is available to you as a hire.

You can enjoy the great taste of a craft ale product from anywhere throughout the UK – not just in the South East where it is brewed! Enjoy as part of a private party or corporate bash for a price that will keep you smiling and your guests coming back for more as they pull themselves a pint of Caveman Citra!

For any queries regarding our Caveman Citra Cask Hire, please contact a member of our sales team.