Camden Town Pale Ale


  • £119 + VAT
  • 4% ABV
  • 30 litres/52 pints


Camden Town Pale Ale is brewed by Camden Town Brewery as you can tell from the name. A brew made to attract drinkers of a more gentle flavour preference, Camden Town Brewery have specially made sure that this is a Pale Ale enjoyable by all.

Don’t worry, we also have you covered with the following dispensers:

  • Draught Beer Chiller
  • Party Pump

Infused with three types of American hops, Camden Town Pale Ale salutes our neighbours across the pond. Adjusted for British taste, this may advertise a 4% ABV, however the inner strength is unmatched by no other.

A truly enjoyable Pale Ale that is great to share with friends or family at a party or small gathering.

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