Budweiser Deal


  • £186.99 + VAT – Savings of £12 plus VAT
  • 4.3% ABV
  • 11 Gallons/88 Pints


World Cup Budweiser Deal

Our Budweiser Deal consists of a 11 Gallon/88 Pint keg of Budweiser and our portable Hand Party Pump dispenser.

Budweiser has managed to survive and thrive for over 150 years! It’s lived through prohibition and the Second World War simply growing from strength to strength. Today Budweiser continues to be an extremely popular beer throughout the world. This also stands in the UK – and so we at Party Keg Hire are excited to provide you with our Budweiser Party Keg Hire service.

Our Budweiser Party Keg Hire comes with the use of our Party Pump. This is an extremely easy system to setup and use. The Party Pump makes the perfect way to dispense your Budweiser without using complicated and bulky equipment. The Party Pump is perfect for situations in which you may not have access to some of the resources needed for a full tap system.

When used with the Party Pump, our Budweiser Party Keg Hire service is the best way to experience the ‘King of Beers’. Our Party Pump allows you to pull a perfect pint of Budweiser at your event, whatever the situation may be.

If you’re interested in our Budweiser Deal for the World Cup, please feel free to get in touch!