Brewdog Indie Pale Ale


  • £160+VAT
  • 4.2% ABV
  • 50 litres/88 pints
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Brewdog Indie Pale Ales comes in a 50 Litre size keg that serves 88 pints. You are able to use the following dispensing equipment:

  • Draught Beer Chiller
  • Party Pump

The new and improved version of Brewdog Indie Pale Ale has advance in taste by miles.  By changing the water portfolio, which massively decreases the sulphur element of the original brew which caused the assumption of it to be lager. By reducing the caramel hint, it is tweaked through the fermentation process to enhance the fruity notes. In addition with a very healthy plus of Mosaic.

All of this means the beer is much better, hoppier expression of what Brewdog wanted to create. Brewdog Indie Pale Ale is worth another shot by those who have mixed feelings about the original recipe.

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