Additional Blade Kegs – Heineken


  • £35 +VAT
  • Choice of Heineken 5% ABV


  • 1 x Rental of Blade Draught Beer System (4 Day Hire)
  • 4 x kegs of 8L/56 pints of draught beer

Important information:

Once the a keg is placed in the machine, it requires a minimum of 8 hours to chill, once turned on. If hiring additional kegs, we suggest placing the remaining in a fridge for quick access.

Heineken Keg:

Heineken is a light to medium embodied beer with a fresh and slight bitter taste infused with a hint of fruit. Rightly classed as premium.

This keg contains 8L/14 pints of 5% ABV beer that can only be used with the Heineken Blade Unit.