Stella Artois Black Keg Hire

Stella Artois is a favourite of beer drinkers up and down the UK. However, many are not aware of its younger, more premium brother. Stella Artois Black is a 4.9% ABV lager brewed using Saaz hops and is matured for longer than normal Stella. This ensures a crisp, full bodied tasting brew. Not only does our Stella Artois Black Keg Hire provide a premium tasting lager but it also works exceptionally well with a range of food.

When it comes to deciding whether our Stella Artois Black Keg Hire is right for your palate, the aroma is filled with fresh bread and earthy notes with the taste leading through with grain and corn, sweet malt and a crisp, bitter hop finish on the back end. The lager is perfect for weddings, birthday parties, corporate functions as well as a home bar!

Stella Artois Black Keg Hire provides you with a 30L keg of beer as well as a beer dispenser to suit your budget and event type. For large or corporate events, a pub quality tap, cooler and gas system may work best. For a small-scale house party or birthday party, our party pumps or draught beer chillers may be more appropriate.

Serving the beer for your function on draught will not only get guests involved in pouring their very own but it also provides a beer which has not been damaged by light going through the bottle. The serving temperate can also be adjusted to ensure the perfect serve each and every time providing you and your guests with an unparalleled drinking experiencing that could only be matched in a pub or bar – keep your guests talking about your function for a long time coming!

For more information on our Stella Artois Black Keg Hire, please contact a member of our customer service team today.