Staropramen Keg Hire

Staropramen is a 5% ABV pale lager brewed in the Czech Republic’s second largest brewery in Prague. The brewery began producing beer in 1869 and later merged with two other brewers. This was later sold to AB InBev and finally fell into the hands of Molson Coors. One thing that has stayed constant throughout is the premium taste of their flagship lager. This popular lager is now available through our Staropramen Keg Hire packages.

Distributed throughout the UK, Staropramen Keg Hire can provide you and your guests with premium draught beer on tap. Whether you are holding a wedding in a marquee, a BBQ in the garden or a conference in your office space, Party Keg Hire can get you the set up you need. Our range of dispensers range from basic party pumps which require no gas or electricity through to full pub-style set ups which can produce the perfect pint on every pour.

Staropramen Keg Hire can provide you with a 50L or 30L keg of the lager which pours a pale amber with a fluffy white head. The nose is bready malts with a slight grassy note which leads onto the taste of chewy malts. In addition to sweet honey and light lemon zest bringing up a bitter finish leaving you wanting more.

Staropramen is always best poured into its branded glass to ensure the correct amount of foam to liquid to trap those lovely pilsner style aromas and keep your beer from oxidising and providing you with off flavours that you wouldn’t want to serve at your event! A range of other services can accompany our Staropramen Keg Hire service such as bar staff and mobile bar hire.

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