Orchard Pig Reveller Keg Hire

Orchard Pig are a cider producer based in Somerset. The orchard was founded in the 1850s by W.T Allen and carried on by the Orchard Pig cider producers. The producers have gone from strength to strength with a core range of canned, bottled and kegged ciders. One of the most popular variants is their Reveller. Therefore we are pleased to be able to offer Orchard Pig Reveller Keg Hire for cider enthusiasts throughout the country!

Cider is the ideal beverage for a warm summers day. Orchard Pig Reveller Keg Hire is no different; the generous apple aroma draws you into a crisp, refreshing cider with a tangy note of freshly squeezed lime in the finish. Coming in at 4.5% ABV, this cider is around session strength making it perfect for music festivals, summer fetes as well as house BBQs and birthday parties.

Orchard Pig Reveller Keg Hire is gently carbonated which makes for an easy drinking experience. In addition it is one of the bestsellers from the cider makers. Being able to offer this on draught at your next function will not only enhance the experience for your guests as they get to pour their own pints, it also provides you with a better tasting experience thanks to the well-balanced carbonation provided through the tap and gas system.

If you’re heading to a camping field this summer and want to provide draught cider, do not fear! Party Keg Hire’s party pumps need no electricity or gas to dispense – simply put your keg in a large tub with ice and water to cool the beer and you can enjoy cold Reveller Cider.

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