Leffe Blonde Keg Hire

Belgian beers are renowned the world over for their heritage, care and complexity. The beers take advantage of Belgian yeast strains which lend their hand to banana, clove, spice and bubblegum just to name a few aroma and flavour characteristics. One of the best known Belgian Breweries is Leffe, a brewery which began brewing beer in the abbey of Leffe in 1240 and they brew a core and seasonal range of abbey beers. Our Leffe Blonde Keg Hire is a service which provides you with an award-winning blonde beer in a 4.4-gallon (35 pints) barrel with a range of dispensers available to suit your theme and budget.

Leffe Blonde Keg Hire provides you with a liquid that pours a golden blonde which reflects on the light. The nose is sweet malts with hints of banana and clove. The mouthfeel is medium but easy to drink for its 6.6% ABV and the taste is of vanilla, close and has a bittersweet finish. A great part of the beer drinking experience is the visual aspect – so to ensure your beer experience is of the highest quality, pour your Leffe Blonde into a branded chalice. Not only will this look the party, but your beer will create the right amount of aroma-holding white foam ratio to tasteful liquid.

Party Keg Hire will install your Leffe Blonde Keg Hire in a venue of your choice – whether that be a marquee at your wedding or your office for your Christmas party. A range of dispensers are available for your theme, from pub style taps and coolers through to American style frat party style hand party pumps. Whatever your needs, Party Keg Hire will do our best to make it a reality!

For more information on our Leffe Blonde Keg Hire, please contact a member of our customer service team.