Keg Pump Sale UK

The thought of offering draught beer at your next party, BBQ, wedding or corporate function is one that many organisers dream of! The unique experience of having draught beer in your home as opposed to bottles will already put your function at the top of the pile before you take into consideration the rest of the aspects you could upgrade. However, supplying beer-lovers with pints can seem expensive and complicated. Therefore, Party Keg Hire have introduced our Keg Pump Sale UK service to ensure your guests are never without a fresh pint again!

Keg Party Pump UK service provides beer and cider lovers with access to their favourite tipple with the use of a party pump. Made famous by American Frat style parties, these pumps require no electricity or gas – simple! All that is needed is a tub of ice and water to cool your keg then clamp the tap, pump and pour. Access to well carbonated, fresh beer has never been easier.

Whether you have access to kegs already or are looking to source them through Party Keg Hire, our Keg Pump Sale UK service is flexible. You can simply purchase the pump and use your own kegs or choose from our extensive range of kegs. All of our beverages come in a range of styles and sizes – from craft beers to flavoured ciders and everything in-between!

All of the party pumps within our Keg Pump Sale UK service can come with a coupler fitting to suit the kegs which best suit your taste buds! Whether you prefer Peroni or Grolsch, Meantime Pale Ale or Magners, our team can help you decide which fitting is right for you and your guests.

For more information on our Keg Pump Sale UK service, please contact a member of our sales team today.

Buy a party pump for 124.99 + vat plus delivery.