John Smiths

John Smiths is the bestselling bitter in the world and with good reason! The brewery originally began in 1758 and has grown throughout the centuries. A range of John Smiths Variants are available with Extra Smooth providing most popular with outlets up and down the country stocking it. However, events are often carried out in venues which do not offer any draught products. But this does not mean you can’t enjoy John Smith Extra Smooth on tap thanks to our John Smiths Keg Hire service!

John Smiths Keg Hire will provide you with an 11-gallon (88 pint) keg of Extra Smooth Bitter which pours a rich amber colour with creamy head. The malt tones add a cereal character to the beer with the hops providing j

ust enough fruit and bitterness. These characteristics make this a well-rounded, balanced beer. The low 3.6% ABV of this beer will ensure the keg can be consumed responsibly.

To ensure a nice creamy finish, our John Smiths Keg Hire takes advantage of a range of dispensers at a range of prices. From simple dispensers such as our draught beer chiller through to full pub-style set ups including branded tap cooler and gas set ups. Party Keg Hire can ensure no matter your location or budget, you can enjoy fresh John Smiths.

If you’re looking to use our John Smiths Keg Hire for a wedding, birthday or corporate function, you won’t want to be the one pouring beer and not socialising! Party Keg Hire have a range of bar staff available to set up, serve and pack away all of our kegs and equipment. This ensures that you have the time to meet, greet and entertain all of your guests.

For more information on our John Smiths Keg Hire, please get in touch with our sales team.