Hop House 13 Keg Hire

Hop House 13 is a double hopped and distinctively golden lager created with barley from the emerald Isle and aromatic hops. It is brewed with Guinness yeast, Irish barley and the best of hops from both Australia and USA. Its name is linked back to a hop store building located at St James’s Gate where it still gains its hops from and continues the 256 years of heritage and brewing excellence. We here at Party Keg Hire are pleased to offer our Hop House 13 Keg Hire service throughout the UK.

After months of exploration and experimentation, Guinness brewer, Peter Simpson finally accomplished a flavoursome beer with lots of character that was able to entwine in a beautifully balanced sweetness with a hoppy aroma and smooth take. To further expand, the beer within our Hop House 13 keg hire has a sweet fruit aroma with hints of apricot and peach. It portrays subtle malt notes that break through the surface, and delivers a full flavour whilst maintaining to be crisp and hoppy with a beautifully refreshing clean finish.

Hop House 13 began and still continues its journey since it started in September 2014, when Guinness held a celebration through the launch of the Brewer’s Project, its purpose was to bring great attention to the quality and brewing of craft beers and we are pleased to stock this within our Hop House 13 Keg Hire service. The Brewer’s Project consisted of an enterprising group of brewers who set out to on a quest of exploration for new recipes, and reinterpret old ones. With the group, excitement of life was able to return to beer. Hop House 13 was the third instalment of the Brewer’s Project and had joined West Indies Porter, and Dublin Porter.

To get the full experience of this complex craft beer, try it out with our multiple party pump in our Hop House 13 Keg Hire package, where you are able to distribute pints in an efficient way. After chilling the keg in a bucket with ice, just simply clamp the pump on, and pour away for guests, friends and close ones. Hop House 13 is perfect for a summer event such as a BBQ. Birthday, and any other type of festivity.

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