Guinness Surger

Guinness is perhaps one of the most well-known beers on the planet thanks to its extraordinary taste, aroma and appearance. The Irish stout is often best enjoyed on draught as it lends itself to a smooth body, creamy white head and the all-important ‘settle’. If you are hosting an event, getting hold of draught Guinness can often be very difficult (and expensive!). At Party Keg Hire we are pleased to offer draught Guinness in a new and unique way; through our Guinness Surger Hire.

Guinness Surger Hire includes the hire of the Surger unit tiself and the specialised Guinness Surger cans. So what exactly is it? The unit is a way of providing you and your gusts with draught stout without the expensive, bulky equipment. It looks like a Guinness draught tap but without any actual tap on it. The unit instead has a plate which uses ultra-sonic waves. When mixed with the beer from specialised Guinness Surger cans, it activates its gases and produces the beloved ‘settle’.

Guinness Surger Hire will provide you with the perfect pint of Guinness every time. Party Keg Hire can not only just provide you with the Guinness Surger unit but also the specialised Guinness Surger cans which seem to pour flat until their gases are released through the ultra-sonic waves produced by the unit.

Enjoying your Guinness on draught will really provide you guests with the best possible tasting experience. The creamy head plays host to a range of coffee, sweet and roasted malts and leads on to a smooth taste of coffee. In addition to a smooth taste of chocolate and a slight bitterness on the backend. A truly magnificent stout to be enjoyed with friends and family in any venue of your choosing – whether that be at home, in a function hall or marquee.

For more information on Guinness Surger Hire, please contact a member of Party Keg Hire’s sales team today.