Cobra Keg Hire

Cobra Beer was born out of a vision, Britain needed a smoother, less gassy lager, which would appeal to both ale drinkers and lager drinkers alike. The idea spawned from the beers founder, Karan Bilimoria who believed UK lagers of the time were too fizzy and harsh to be enjoyed with food as they would bloat the stomach and ruin the experience. Therefore, he decided to brew a new style with the refreshment of a lager but the smoothness of an ale that would complement all cuisine. The final product was Cobra, a 4.8%Pilsner and we are pleased to introduce our Cobra Keg Hire packages for events around the country.

Cobra Keg Hire is a great addition to any event but works great at weddings where a rich meal is being served as the smooth body will keep guests comfortable whilst the crisp finish will cleanse the palate ready for the next mouthful of flavour! Cobra is the ideal harmony of Indian innovation and English tastes but to ensure quality is now brewed in Burton-Upon-Trent so you know where and how the ingredients are sourced and brewed. Not only is this premium lager great with food, it is also a show stopper at corporate functions, club nights and birthday parties.

Budgets can affect your drinks offering at functions, therefore our Cobra Keg Hire aims to appeal to all situations. A range of dispensing equipment at a range of price points ensures that no one misses out on the smooth pilsner at their next get together. Our dispensing methods can range from basic party pumps which require no gas or electricity through to full tap, cooler and gas set ups of a pub quality. No one should miss out on well balanced premium beer!

For more information on our Cobra Keg Hire, please get in touch with our sales team.