Beer Keg Party Pump Hire

Have you ever wanted a cheap and cost effective way of dispensing beer from your keg? We all know that once the keg, cooler, gas, tap, set up and delivery are all added up, things can turn very expensive. However, Party Keg Hire have spotted a gap in the market for a unique, easy to use alternative to these complicated and expensive systems – beer keg party pump hire! Party Keg Hire’s beer keg party pumps are single units that simply clamp onto the top of whichever keg you have (whether that be from Party Keg Hire or another keg hire service – it is up to you) as Party Keg Hire have all of the couplers to fit our beer keg party pumps.

Simply fill a large bucket with ice and place your keg into the bucket, allow an hour or two to cool to optimum pouring temperature – clamp on your beer keg party pump, pump the handle and pour from the professional tap! Whether you are having a house party, BBQ, prom party, graduation party or any other type of socialising event, then beer keg party pump hire is for you! Don’t think Party Keg Hire stock your favourite drink? Well, we probably do! Whether it is Carling keg hire, Grolsch keg hire, Fosters keg hire, Carlsberg keg hire, Peroni keg hire, Magners keg hire, Strogbow keg hire, Cobra keg hire or Kingfisher keg hire – Party Keg Hire have you covered! Just contact our offices to enquire of other keg hire which we provide!

If you are just looking to beat the Monday blues or start your weekend off with a bang, Party Keg Hire’s beer keg party pump hire is the perfect way to go about this! With such an easy to use, but professional tap where you and your guests can pour your own perfect pint every time will keep them coming back hour after hour with more pint glasses! Beer keg party pump hire goes great with all manner of keg related games, such as beer pong where if you can bounce a ping pong ball across a table into your opponents drink they must down their pint! It is all great fun and each pint can be refilled quickly with Party Keg Hire’s beer keg party pump hire.

For more information on our beer keg party pump hire, please contact a member of our sales team.