Party Keg Pump Hire UK

It is no secret that we live for the weekend – and parties! However, it is not easy to say the least to organise such an event for your friends, family and other guests. But get it right and you could have people talking for a long, long time! Whether you are organising a house party, BBQ, family get together or football party every detail is important – including the drinks! It is a tough decision between bottled beer, wines or spirits. However, Party Keg Hire believes that the best way is draught beer at home! Many organisers do not understand that they can achieve this at home but it is very much achievable with Party Keg Hire’s party keg pump hire for events throughout the UK!

Draught beer is possibly the most refreshing type of drink on the market and goes down a treat with everyone! The great taste and crispness of a draught beer is unbeatable and draught beer poured through Party Keg Hire’s party keg pump is no exception! The simple design and ease of use of the party keg pump for hire ensures a great night for all as the tap simply clamps onto the keg, pumps with a handle and pours through a professional, bar style tap! For a perfect pour every time, tilt the pint glass to a 45 degree angle and open to tap fully, once the glass is three quarters full, slowly straighten and allow for around 15mm of foamy head goodness!

Party Keg Hire can hire our party keg pump on its own or with one of our very own kegs. Whether you want the lower alcohol but absolutely refreshing and great tasting 3.8% draught Carlsberg; or the high alcohol, crisp and delicious premium 5.1% draught Peroni, it is completely up to you! Party keg hire stock and supply a huge range of kegs for hire which can be delivered to the venue or can be collected from our Kent depot – these include Carling, Carlsberg, Fosters, Grolsch, Magners, Becks Vier, Stella, Budwiser and many more. If you are unsure whether Party Keg Hire stock the keg of your choice, just ask!

Being a company who specialise in all things beer related, Party Keg Hire’s customer service team are more than happy to answer and queries which you may have. Just contact them here.