Party Keg Hire


We all long for an ice cold refreshing beer every now and then – especially when organising an event of some kind, which is where our Party Keg Hire comes in. East London – being part of the capital – no doubt has a huge number of events in the works. These can include corporate, private and other forms of event.

If you need large quantities of drink to be supplied at your event our 11 gallon kegs are likely to be the perfect addition for you! We have a range of different kegs available in our Party Keg Hire East London service, including those containing beer and cider.

Just some of the drinks included in our Party Keg Hire East London service are beers such as Fosters, Peroni and Amstel, as well as cider kegs including our 11 gallon Strongbow variant. The collection of party kegs we have available for you to select from is perfect for ensuring that you have enough quantities of your favourite drinks, meaning that you and your guests can keep celebrating.

Our Party Keg Hire East London service includes the hire of our party pump. This is an easy-to-use tool that you can easily clamp to the top of the keg. You then have to pump to pressurise and then pour a pint of your chosen beverage. This is an easy solution to any dispensing needs, and when used with our kegs can make the perfect system for easily serving drinks at your event. Due to the simple design and minimal equipment involved in our Party Pump hire, it can be used in a variety of situations – making a good tap for quick and simple one-off hires, camping trips and more.

So whether you’re planning to provide for your guests at a corporate event, or entertain friends and family at a private function such as a birthday, anniversary or other such event; we can offer you drinks and dispensing solutions that will work with whatever you have planned!

If you’re interested in Party Keg Hire East London, please feel free to get in touch with our sales team.